Managing Data Estimate and Retrieval for Rights Requests
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In this course, we will look at Priva Subject Rights Requests, where you will learn what they are, why they are used, and how to create them. We will also learn about managing data estimates and retrieving rights requests.

Learning Objectives

  • A basic understanding of how to create subject rights requests in Microsoft Priva and how to work with them

Intended Audience

  • Those who wish to learn how to create and use Subject Rights Requests in Microsoft Priva


  • Basic understanding of data privacy concepts

As I mentioned earlier, when you create a request, Priva begins to search the content in your Microsoft 365 environment for matches to the data subject. 

Now, once Priva identifies all of the items it thinks will match your criteria, an estimate appears in the Data estimate summary card on the request's Overview page. Once this happens, your request advances to the next stage, which is  Data retrieval. At this stage, Priva gathers all the identified content items together so that stakeholders can review the data. 

To view detailed information about your request's search, you browse to the View search query details option on the Data estimate summary card. A summary appears and shows additional details about what Priva found. You can then either choose the Preview results option to see a preview of the type of content that will be returned if using the current search settings, or you can click Edit search query to change your search settings.

If you opt to edit your search query, Priva takes you through a guided process to change or add properties to identify the data subject, change conditions, and adjust the locations you want the search to cover. This causes a new estimate to be generated, which also means the status of the request goes back to Data estimate. Once it’s done, you’ll see updated results on the request’s details page.

You can then select the Retrieve data option to advance to the data retrieval stage.

During the data retrieval stage, Priva retrieves all files, emails, chats, images, and other content items that contain the data subject's personal data. They are pulled into an Azure Blob Storage container so you can review them. Depending on the amount of data returned, the retrieval process can take a few minutes, or a few hours.

After all, data is retrieved, the request automatically moves to the Review data stage.

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