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Learning Path summary

The course is part of this learning path

Learning Path summary

Here, you’ll recap the key areas of focus in this Learning Path:

  • The three stages of the information life cycle work to ensure data and information is secure at each point until disposal. Be sure to remember the legal guidance as you manage data in your own organisation.
  • The four stages of the development life cycle support the decisions that you’ll make in the design, development, testing and system tests of the products that you create.
  • Risk is a crucial factor to consider, both third-party risks and outsourced development risks. An awareness and understanding of the types of risks you’re exposed to allows you to make informed decisions.
  • Vulnerability testing, penetration testing and code analysis work collectively to check for a variety of weaknesses in your environment.
  • The data and information collected from the testing phases confirm and verify that the security along with security system designs have been maintained.

What’s next?

In the next Learning Path, you’ll learn the importance of creating a culture of security which pervades the entire company. However, before that, it’s time for a short quiz.


In this module you’ll be continuing with the information life cycle by following the process onto Test strategies and approaches through to reporting and verification and finally concluding with auditing and digital forensics.

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