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Tips & Tricks for Android App Development


Android App Development

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Tips and Tricks for Android App Development with Kotlin

This course covers some tips and tricks for developing Android applications from an experienced developer and will help you when you are building your own mobile apps. This course is the final course of the Android App Development with Kotlin learning path, so check that out if you are looking for a deep dive into the Kotlin programming language.


Tips and Tricks. Hello everyone. How about some tips and tricks about being an Android developer and developing good Android applications, in fact, great Android applications, in fact, superior Android applications? So, I've got a few tips and tricks from my experience and I want to share my experience. Well, being an Android developer. So, I'm going to share some things so that you won't make the same mistakes I did. We stand on the shoulders of each other, or something like that. Anyway, I just hope it helps you, so let's get started. So, first, just make sure that you have, or you're using the latest software because the software you use to develop Android apps is constantly updated. You should follow the updates, and learn the new features as they come in with the updates because every update brings new features. Believe me. And if you learn the new features, you will improve yourself continually. It's about continuous improvement, right? All right. So, what software do we use to develop Android applications?

Android Studio I think it's a safe bet, and there's Java, Gradle. And those are much pretty much the main basket of software for an Android developer. I really do think that you should learn in depth Java programming language, if you don't already, because Java is a worldwide programming language, and it's open source. So, that makes it a very good programming language. Software firms are always looking for Java developers around the world, and also it's the basis of Android application development. If you learn Java programming, then dig on. You can use this skill not only in your Android application development process, but probably every single app that I can think of development process. I don't want to mislead you and say that Android application development is only about  Java, but it's a huge part in Android development world, and if you didn't understand me by now, get skilled. Of course, there are some other languages to develop Android applications such as Kotlin. But there is a world built on Java out there. There are a lot of examples in open source projects that are built by using Java programming, so you can use these resources in your developing process. At the beginning of the course, there are Java programming language videos. I put it together with this course because you really do have to learn these topics. Now, another important thing is patience. You need to be patient in your application development journey because becoming an Android developer is... Well, it takes a while. I don't want to turn you off by saying it takes forever, but no, it does takes a while, it's step by step.

So, this is not just about being an Android developer of course, it's about being a software developer, or I would even say a good person. Learning to write code is a challenging process. It's attainable, it's not non-attainable, right? But, I want to tell you that in the beginning, it'll be a little difficult. It might even be hard, writing small code blocks, but in time you will learn how to write bigger and bigger code blocks. Just don't give up. I guess it's what I'm really saying. Hang in there. In the first couple of months, maybe it'll be too hard for you. You'll think, “Oh gosh, I'll never get the hang of this. I'm not a coder. This job is not for me.” But when you hang in there somewhere between six and 12 months, you're going to get to such a point of bliss. Okay, maybe not bliss, but you'll get to a point where you go, “Gosh, I am writing some really good code,” and you will have developed some really good applications.

Even though you know the first, just take your time, study just a little bit every day. Every day, that's the key. Little bit every day, and then after that process you will be a good developer. I don't even think age is important. I don't know what your age is, but it doesn't matter if you're a kid or not. It's not really important in this process. You can be a young student, middle-aged person who wants to change their job. That's a really big thing these days. So, people are changing jobs or getting paid even more because they do have this skill. So, let me tell you again, age is not important. Everybody and anybody can develop a good application. It really is putting in the time and patience. So, being ambitious and working hard, that is a really important topic. Being an Android developer is a long journey. You should be ambitious on this journey.

Developing good applications are going to take time. They're not going to work, you're going to have to figure it out. Your design maybe takes weeks to build and then after that it's going to take weeks to write the code. Developing good applications will going to take you months. Now sometimes, you will have a problem, you won't work for a few days and some days it's just about chasing down a problem. It's going to be tiring. But after you solve the problem, you are going to feel so good. You're going to enjoy it. Every problem will also teach you new things. Learning how to write code is a process, right? You got that? You're going to learn from your mistakes. Remember them, and don't forget that nobody became a coder without going through this particular process. If you want to be a good Android developer, you should be ambitious and you should always work harder. Now, lay down another important thing: Stack Overflow. You've heard of that?

Stack Overflow it's an Internet site, and it was built in 2008. And it's a successful platform that brings together people in the IT sector, and it tries to solve their problems. It's a very important resource, especially for Android developers. It's an important platform. We can find solutions to your problems while you're developing Android applications. If you got a particular problem developing an application, you can always search for your problem on that site, and you'll see that most of your problems are not because of you. So, in other words, these are not just your problems. Most developers have gone through the same problem. You can find the answers for most of your problems. I guarantee it. If you do not find an answer to your particular problem, you can open up a post and other developers can jump in and help you solve your problem. That's why it's about the community too.

When I started to learn Android development, I used this site and it was very useful for me, and I believe it will be useful for you too. So, from now on, I want to speak about what you should be careful about when you develop android applications. So, we talked about some of them throughout this course, but I do want to specify a few things briefly. First one: localization. So, while you're developing Android applications, you should localize your applications. You should support multiple languages. So, this is important because everybody doesn't know English, nor should they even need to. You, and if you want to develop worldwide applications, you really do need to support multiple languages as much as possible. So, if you use just your local language, your target audience will be reduced. Maybe you want that. But supporting multiple languages is going to take some time and some effort, but you will see that this effort will not go to waste.

Now, the second one is about the user interface. So, while you're developing Android applications, you should use good graphics and pictures. I know in some of my examples here are not the best pictures and graphics, but I use them to make a point. You are going to be designers. In fact, the user interface is, I would say so important that you've got to even focus on making beautiful designs. In the videos, like I said, we didn't really concentrate on the design because it just takes too much time and effort. While you're developing your applications, you should focus on the design because even if you develop great applications, if your user interface design isn't good, people are not going to use it. They're going to look at it and go, "Huh, I don't want to play that, or I don't want to use that."

So, in other words, everything is not just about code or being a great coder. Of course, codes are important, but design is important. A good design takes maybe a few days to many, many weeks, but you will see it's not a waste of time. So, pay attention to the design that you see all around you, things that you use, things that you play already. You should remember that good applications don't just appear overnight. Behind great applications, there is a whole lot of effort. Now, another important topic is about a smaller size APK. So, when you develop an Android application, you should be careful about your application APK size. When you publish your application around the world, you should remember that everybody does not have a high speed internet connection. Maybe in most places, people's internet use is limited or their mobile internet connection is limited or people are under data caps.

So, before users download an application from Google Play, they look at its size. So, if its size is really big, people are not going to download it. Most of the time, people will download an application just to try it out. And if the size is too big, people don't download, they delete it. They will try a smaller one, believe me. So, doesn't that leave you scratching your head and go, "Hmm. How can I build a smaller sized APK?" Well, when you finish your application before building that APK, you should delete unused libraries and any unused pictures. Also, you should use small picture sizes in your applications. There are plenty of size reducer applications out there. They'll reduce the size of the pictures without losing any quality. And you can use these applications to reduce the size of any of your pictures. And what do you know? If you reduce the size of your pictures in your application, the size of the APK will also reduce. So, if you do care about this, your application download rate will increase. Another important thing to mention is that multiple screen support. Now, you learned how to support multiple screen sizes in this course, but it also takes a lot of time and effort. But it's so very important. Most of the time, you're not going to really... I don't feel like doing all the multiple screen gyrations that you have to go through. And if your application works on your test device, that doesn't mean that it's going to work on all of the devices properly, right?

So, you should test it on the different devices, and these devices should have different screen sizes. Look, believe me, I know it's hard, but it really is necessary because we're talking about quality products. You should design portrait and landscape positions. You should also design your application for tablets as well. So, we've talked about all the different things that I think creates a good application. Believe me, if you pay attention to these topics, you will develop good and applications that are in demand. So, let's say, you've developed a great application and you've already published it on Google Play, but there are thousands of applications on Google Play. How are users going to find your application and download it from Google Play? What do you check when you want to download an app from Google Play? Google Play shows the applications to the user according to score and comments, right? So, you need to consider users' comments as well as their requests. This is going to increase your download rate. Also, you should learn how to market your app on Google Play. You should be careful about keywords that you use in your description. Application name is also very important. Users search for applications using keywords, and if your app name and app description have these keywords, then your application will be up on top in the search. It's a very important area. You really should learn how to do this effectively. There are multiple online courses on this topic. You can really watch and learn a lot. And I would advise that. We can always learn more. It's constantly changing. So, that's a few of my tips and tricks. I hope it's useful for you. We're going to carry on the course source, so I'll see you in the next video.


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Mehmet graduated from the Electrical & Electronics Engineering Department of the Turkish Military Academy in 2014 and then worked in the Turkish Armed Forces for four years. Later, he decided to become an instructor to share what he knew about programming with his students. He’s currently an Android instructor, is married, and has a daughter.

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