Understanding Amazon DynamoDB Course Introduction

3m 15s

This lesson introduces the Understanding Amazon DynamoDB course, which has been designed to walk you through the basics of Amazon DynamoDB. It’s designed to provide you with a well-rounded view of the service, and covers:

  • What the service does and the benefit it provides
  • When to use the service 
  • Basic DynamoDB terminology 
  • How it relates to other databases
  • How to interact with the database using the DynamoDB API
  • How to create DynamoDB tables using the AWS Console
  • How to create local and global secondary indexes 
  • How to provision and configure DynamoDB in a manner that ensures it is highly available and able to serve all read and write requests to it
  • How to read and write to DynamoDB
  • How to look for items in your DynamoDB tables
    • How DynamoDB partitions your data 
    • How partitioning affects you 
    • How DynamoDB balances partitions in a table
    • What you can do to create balance across partitions
  • What the DynamoDB Accelerator is and why you would want to use it within your DynamoDB database



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