Understanding ETL Services on AWS

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This lesson introduces the Understanding ETL Services on AWS course, designed to explain two vital extract, transform, and load or ETL services on AWS. The two services this course will cover are AWS Glue and Amazon EMR. In particular, we will cover the following:

  • Serverless ETL
  • The knowledge and architecture of a typical ETL project
  • The prerequisite setup of AWS parts to use AWS Glue for ETL
  • Knowledge of how to use AWS Glue to perform serverless ETL
  • How to edit ETL processes created from AWS Glue
  • A foundational understanding of Amazon EMR
  • Core Amazon EMR characteristics
  • The EMR base architecture
  • How AWS Glue compares to Amazon EMR
  • How to make ETL processes more automated and repeatable using orchestration services such as AWS Data Pipeline, AWS Glue Workflows, and AWS Step Functions 
  • Knowledge of the AWS Data Wrangler library and how it provides an abstraction for extract and load operations on AWS services
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