Why Automate?
Why Automate?

This course explores how to use automation when creating Amazon RDS databases.

It includes using AWS Secrets Manager for increasing the security of provisioned resources by limiting human intervention.

Learning Objectives

  • Deploy RDS database using CloudFormation
  • Understand the role that AWS Secrets Manager can play in managing database usernames and passwords
  • Understand the importance of automation and the benefits of using CloudFormation

Intended Audience

This course is intended for anyone that needs to learn to automate the deployment of Amazon RDS databases.


To get the most out of this course, you should have a basic understanding of cloud computing using Amazon Web Services.

You should also know how to create relational databases using Amazon RDS.


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Automation is the cornerstone of any good development pipeline. It allows you to manage away repeated tasks that don't drive innovation or create value. Allowing you to create workflows that remove obstacles from your way and save time.  

Where do you want to put your energy, in design or in implementation? Do you want to find yourself hand creating the same kinds of things over and over again?

Automation also finds a key position in your organization when dealing with tasks that can not afford to be affected by the human element. 

Because even the best database administrators can accidentally type in the wrong information, forget passwords, or fail to deploy their cloud resources in the right order or way.  

With all this in mind lets take a few minutes to talk about how to use automation to deploy your AWS databases in a safe and efficient way.


Course Introduction - Automating with AWS - Keeping Your Environment Secure with AWS Secrets Manager - Creating a Secret - Putting It All Together - Wrap Up

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