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This course walks you through how to use SQL Workshop in Oracle APEX.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the basics of SQL Workshop and its components
  • Learn how to use SQL commands and SQL scripts
  • Learn how to load and unload data using the Data Workshop
  • Understand what Quick SQL is and you'll also learn how to load some Quick SQL samples

Intended Audience

  • Anyone who wants to enhance their knowledge of Oracle APEX


We recommend that you take this course as part of our Oracle APEX: Foundations learning path.


Welcome to the Oracle APEX Foundations course. Today, in this lesson on using SQL Workshop, I will be talking about Data Workshop and Sample Datasets. Let's get started. In this section, you'll learn how to load and unload data using the Data Workshop. You'll also learn how to access sample datasets in APEX. Use the Data Workshop page to load data into your workspace from various file formats  such as XLSX, CSV, XML, and JSON. Use the Load Data Wizard to load from various file formats into your workspace and Unload Data Wizard to export your data in text or XML format. Now, let us look at the steps to access the Data Load or Unload page. From your APEX Workspace homepage, click the down arrow next to SQL Workshop and select Utilities, select Data Workshop. The Data Workshop page appears. You can click 'Load Data' to load data into your workspace and 'Unload Data' to export data from your workspace.

Alternatively, to access the Data Load-Unload page, you can click the SQL Workshop icon from the workspace home page, select Utilities, select Data Workshop. Click the appropriate icon to load data or unload data and follow the on-screen instructions. Sample datasets enable you to easily build sample applications. Each dataset includes sufficient data to build pages with various components. Install, refresh or replace sample datasets within one of the schemas associated with your workspace. The database objects can also be easily removed. Each dataset includes various database objects and sample data. The sample data is available in one or more languages. Note, only a single language can be loaded into the sample database objects. If you select a different language, the currently loaded data is replaced. Now, let us see how to access the sample dataset from APEX homepage. From your APEX homepage, click on SQL Workshop, Utilities and Sample Datasets. The Sample Datasets page appears with the list of datasets.

You can click on 'Install' next to any of the sample dataset in order to install this sample dataset into your workspace. To summarize, in this section, you gained an understanding about Data Workshop and Oracle APEX utility used to load and unload data. You also learn how to access sample datasets which can be used to develop sample applications. I hope you learnt something useful. Thank you for watching.

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