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This course discusses how to use AWS-managed services and serverless architectures in a way that minimizes the total cost of ownership without sacrificing reliability or performance.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify opportunities to leverage managed services and serverless architectures in your AWS deployments

Intended Audience

  • Anyone in a solutions architect role who wants to design robust and high-performing solutions in AWS while also keeping costs down


  • A basic understanding of AWS compute and database services
  • Experience designing and implementing solutions in the AWS Cloud

Hello, and welcome to the final lecture in this course, where I want to quickly summarize what we’ve covered.

In this course, we discussed how managed services and serverless architectures in AWS can minimize your overall cost. Managed services like RDS may cost more up-front, but can help you realize long-term savings by reducing the need for dedicated administrative functions such as patching and backups for your applications and databases. At the same time, other managed services like AWS Network Firewall, Shield, and WAF may add some costs to your monthly AWS bill but can save untold amounts of money by preventing costly security compromises and application downtime.

In addition to managed services, serverless architectures that leverage services such as API Gateway, Lambda, and DynamoDB can help you minimize cost by allowing you to pay for resources only when they are being used while also providing valuable features such as scalability and high availability.

That brings me to the end of this lecture, and to the end of this course. You should now be able to identify opportunities to reduce the total cost of ownership for your solution architectures in AWS by using managed services and serverless architectures, while also making your solutions more robust and reliable.

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Thank you so much for your time and best of luck with your continued learning!

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