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In this course, we're going to get ready to write some code. We're going to set your MacBook up and we are going to download a software called Xcode, in which we will write our swift codes. And we're going to show you how it feels to write an iPhone or iPad app. So, if you're ready to write your first iPhone app, then let's get started.

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This course is intended for anyone looking to learn iOS development in a practical way and who wants to start building their own apps on iOS.


This is a beginner-level course designed for people with no experience or knowledge of iOS development and can be taken by anyone with a MacBook and an internet connection. This course is part of the Complete iOS 15 / iOS 14 Developer learning path and we recommend that you follow that path.


Hi. Within this lecture, I'm going to show you how to download the projects that we have written. So, we're going to write a lot of projects during this course. I will share every project with you so that you can take notes if you want. You can compare the codes, whatever you want. I'm going to share the projects with GitHub. So, maybe you have heard GitHub before. It's a very good website or it's a very good portal, it's a very good system to share your projects, collaborate with others, do a version control thingy. We're going to see the usage of GitHub in a later lecture, in a later section but right now, know that I can share the codes with you via and you will find the links at the end of the area section. And once you find the links, you can just come over here and download the code if you want. Okay? But I wouldn't recommend downloading the code and trying to run it on your own computer. 

But what I would recommend is to write everything with me, follow along with me, code along with me so that you would understand the matters in a much better way. But if you want to, you can just download it and save it on your computer as well. So, if you can click over here to code you can just say download zip and it will be zipped and downloaded to your computer. Okay? Once you have that, you can just double click on the folder that you have downloaded wherever it's located and you can just open the XCode project and start working on that. But again, I don't suggest that. If you want to, you can do this but I don't suggest that. Just download it if you want so that you can come back and just see it. And as you can see, it says that you really want to open this because you downloaded from the internet. If you're just downloading it from my GitHub page, it will be perfectly safe. So, you can just say open and you can see the codes from here.

And what I would recommend if you want to compare your code, you can do that from here as well, right? You can just click it and you can just go to controller.swift and you can see the code over here. So, this is exactly what we have written. So, I don't recommend downloading but I'm going to share the whole projects with you during the sections anyway, so whatever you want. But right now you are ready to learn about swift programming language and that's exactly what we're going to do. So, let's stop here and continue within the next section.


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Atil is an instructor at Bogazici University, where he graduated back in 2010. He is also co-founder of Academy Club, which provides training, and Pera Games, which operates in the mobile gaming industry.

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