Your workplace application – a step-by-step guide [OFF365A]


On completion of the Digital and Live stages, you should have identified the key concepts that you would like to cover in the Apply stage and outlined the piece of work, task, or activity which you will be completing. This should all be documented in your Workplace Application Plan. 


This step will provide you with a guide to help you succeed in the implementation of your workplace plan. It will cover the main aspects which you should consider when working through the Apply stage. 

The guides provided are optional to keep your work structured and focused and help you to implement what you have learnt back into the workplace.  


How long will the Apply activity take?

The Apply activity is organised into three main parts:

  1. The planning stage (this should take you approximately 1 hour 30 minutes) 
  2. The workplace application stage 
  3. The reflection stage (this should take you approximately 1 hour 30 minutes)

The time youll need to complete the second step above will vary, depending on the workplace tasks or activity which you will have selected and highlighted in your Workplace Application Plan 


Running out of time?

Finally, there may be instances when it may not be possible for you to complete all the work associated with your plan by the submission deadline (end of the third month following the Live event) – this is OK. However, you do need to show significant progress (against your plan) in order to receive our Impact Badge.  


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This Course will take you through a step-by-step guide so that you can succeed in the implementation of your Workplace Application Plan.

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