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Brent Laster

DevOps Lead

In his day job, Brent manages multiple departments with cross-functional teams to provide internal tooling, container and cloud enablement, security oversight, SaaS offerings, deployment support, and DevOps services. He works with and provides technical guidance for staff, management, and executive leadership in areas across the company including R&D, IT, Tech Support, and Product Management. He has also developed and delivered corporate training sessions to help attendees keep up with new technology in the open source world. He regularly presents hands-on workshops around topics such as Git, Gradle, Jenkins, Deployment Pipelines, Continuous Delivery, and others at various conferences including the Open Source 101, All Things Open, Continuous Delivery Experience, OSCON, Jenkins World/DevOps World, and Gradle Summit. He is the author of two books: “Professional Git” and “Jenkins 2, Up and Running.”