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Azure Bot Services Challenge

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Azure Bot Services Challenge

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Time Limit

1h 30m



About Lab Challenges

Lab challenges are hands-on labs with the gloves off. You jump into an auto-provisioned cloud environment and are given a goal to accomplish. No instructions, no hints. To pass, you'll have a limited time to demonstrate your problem-solving skills and get the checks that inspect the state of your lab environment.

Challenge Description

Bots have a wide variety of use cases. Companies use them both to interact with employees as well as internally. Bots can serve as Q/A endpoints, customer service agents, virtual assistants and more. People use Azure Bot Service to host their bots because it offers easy deployment and management as well as tight integration with other Azure tools.

In this challenge lab, you'll be asked to publish a functioning bot to Azure Bot Service. You'll be given a Windows environment that is set up to create and deploy bots, but how you publish your bot to Azure Bot Service is up to you. You'll pass the challenge when the bot responds with any messages on the /api/messages route of the web app it is published to. This is a real environment, meaning you'll have the chance to show practical experience rather than answer questions in a multiple-choice environment.


September 29th, 2020 - Modified the check to admit more possible solutions to the challenge

August 24th, 2020 - Allowed the deployment of Linux web apps

July 23rd, 2020 - Updated the lab validation check to resolve an issue causing unexpected check failures

What will be assessed

  • Your knowledge of the Azure Portal
  • Your ability to create bots
  • Your ability to publish bots to the Azure Bot Service

Intended audience

  • Developers
  • Azure engineers
  • Anyone aiming to use bots to solve a problem


  • The lab, Creating and Deploying a Bot to Azure Bot Service
  • Knowledge of the Azure Portal
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