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Using Python to Cleanse and Rationalize Data Challenge

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Use Python to Cleanse and Rationalise Data Challenge

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Time Limit

2h 30m



About Lab Challenges

Lab challenges are hands-on labs with the gloves off. You jump into an auto-provisioned cloud environment and are given a goal to accomplish. No instructions, no hints. To pass, you'll have a limited time to demonstrate your problem-solving skills and get the checks that inspect the state of your lab environment.

Challenge Description

Data cleansing is an important task that every data scientist should be comfortable performing. You will put your basic knowledge of Python to work in this lab challenge in order to perform a simple form of data cleansing on text.

In this lab challenge, you will be provided with a web browser-based integrated development environment (IDE) with an incomplete code file pre-loaded. The challenge mission and code file both describe what you must do to complete the challenge before time runs out. This is a real environment, which means you can prove your knowledge in an applied situation, leaving behind multiple choice questions for a dynamic performance-based exam situation.


February 7th, 2021 - Added a hint to explain how to compare your code against the expected output

What will be assessed

  • Python functions
  • String operations
  • User-defined functions

Intended audience

  • Budding data scientists
  • Python beginners


  • Completion of the Practical Data Science with Python learning path is recommended
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