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Real-time Azure Bicep Template Conversion Playground

Up to 4h
Free playExplore without specific objectives or guided instruction.
Real-world experiencePractice in a live, pre-configured sandbox environment.


Azure Bicep is an Infrastructure-as-Code language enabling you to deploy infrastructure to the cloud declaratively, efficiently, and in an instructional manner. It is an accessible and easier-to-understand templating language for deploying Azure resources than its counterpart, ARM templates.

The playground is a safe and secure sandbox environment for you to explore your own ideas, follow along with Cloud Academy courses, or answer your own questions all without the need to install any software on your local machine. The extended duration of this playground provides you with ample time to play to your heart's content. The goal is to be able to experiment and learn with little start time or overhead.

Intended Audience

This lab is intended for:

  • Students interested in the customization and automation of resources in Azure
  • Cloud Engineers
  • Cloud Architects
  • DevOps Engineers


To get the most from this lab, you should be familiar with the Bicep templating language. To get ready for it, you can complete the following labs:

About the author

Adil Islam, opens in a new tab
Cloud Labs Developer
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Adil is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, former Azure Engineer, and loves all things Azure. He is a certified Azure Administrator and Azure DevOps Expert and has worked for some of the biggest MSPs in the world (Cognizant, New Signature, CoreAzure). He loves to combine his two passions: cloud and teaching.

Adil specializes in Azure Infrastructure services and has a curiosity for new, in-preview services from Azure, getting his hands familiar with the content before most of the world does. Outside of work, Adil helps run a growing community of IT professionals looking to break into the cloud and regularly runs workshops and webinars.

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Azure Bicep Template Playground