Azure Databricks and Data Lake Storage Playground

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Azure Databricks and Data Lake Storage Playground

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Time Limit1h 15m


Azure Databricks is an analytics platform powered by Apache Spark. Spark is a unified analytics engine capable of working with virtually every major database, data caching service, and data warehouse provider.

In Databricks you have the option of working with Spark, Scala, and Python to manage, analyze, and visualize data. Notebooks in Databricks clusters provide the ability to programmatically interact with data from virtually any major data source.

The playground is a safe and secure sandbox environment for you to explore your own ideas, follow along with Cloud Academy courses, or answer your own questions all without the need to install any software on your local machine. The goal is to be able to experiment and learn with little start time or overhead. Feel free to experiment with loading data to ADLS, managing data and folders in ADLS using Databricks, working with Databricks clusters and notebooks, and more. Have fun in the playground!

Intended Audience

This lab is intended for:

  • Azure administrators
  • Cloud engineers and solutions architects
  • Data engineers
  • Anyone with a need to visualize and analyze data in Azure


You should be familiar with:

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