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Build and Deploy a Highly Scalable Serverless CRUD Microservice With the Serverless Framework

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Lab description

When it comes to the need to design, build and create a microservice, the CRUD paradigm is one of the most used and followed. CRUD stands for Create - Read - Update - Delete. These are the most common operations made on a database. Regardless of the kind of microservice you want to deploy, creating a serverless application could be a time saving and cost saving task. Because of that, the Serverless Framework can help you define, create and deploy your serverless functions. It offers also another great feature: resources creation. Regardless of the cloud provider you are leveraging, the Serverless Framework allows you to define resources such as databases and queues, following the pattern it's usually referred to as IaC (Infrastructure as Code).

In this lab, you will build and create a serverless CRUD microservice on AWS that will leverage a DynamoDB table as per the target of the operations. You will deploy the DynamoDB table through the Serverless Framework.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this lab you will be able to:

  • Build and deploy a microservice through the Serverless Framework
  • Define and deploy cloud resources directly using the Serverless Framework

Intended Audience

This lab is intended for:

  • Software engineers mainly focused on serverless development
  • Cloud architects that look for a framework that lets them deploy applications and cloud resources


To get the most from this lab, you should have basic knowledge of the Serverless Framework and DynamoDB. To get ready, you can use the following labs:

Environment before
Environment after
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Stefano studies Computer Science and is passionate about technology. He loves working with Cloud services and learning all the best practices for them. Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services are the cloud providers he prefers. He is a Google Cloud Certified Associate Cloud Engineer. Node.js is the programming language he always uses to code. When he's not involved in studying or working, Stefano loves riding his motorbike and exploring new places.

Covered topics
Lab steps
Initializing a Project Using the Serverless Framework
Building and Deploying the CRUD Microservice Using the Serverless Framework
Testing the Microservice You Just Deployed