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DAL4 - EPA Project

Up to 3h
Get guided in a real environmentPractice with a step-by-step scenario in a real, provisioned environment.
Learn and validateUse validations to check your solutions every step of the way.
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Project Activity:
In preparation for your End Point Assessment (EPA), you will put your newfound knowledge into action via a case study project, progressing your learning in the workplace.


Workplace application submission: Complete a project by fulfilling all deliverables stated, with explanations as to how this project has been completed.

The DLC will assist apprentices with this activity in the workplace.

Detailed Definition and Instructions

This submission is all about showing what you have learned during your apprenticeship, both in training and in the workplace.

Data analysis is a process of requirement gathering, inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modelling data with the goal of discovering useful information, informing conclusions and supporting decision making. The data analysis process follows the steps of the data analytics life cycle (DALC).

Now that you have covered the methodology and tools supporting this process,  it’s time to put this all together!

For this task you will be required to complete a project scenario, in which you will:

  • elicit requirements and objectives from the formulation of a practical problem.
  • inspect, select, and cleanse the necessary data.
  • plan what model and method to use.
  • build and test the model.
  • interpret the results.
  • derive conclusions about the solution and its meeting the requirements and objectives.
  • communicate the results and conclusions to the project stakeholders.

You will be required to target your writing to address the mapped knowledge, skills, and behaviours. To help with this we have included advice on what to include and tips to the instructions below.

You are to produce a project that fulfils a given case study. A case study is a demonstration on how you have applied the skills relevant to the subject area. Include your work products with supporting narrative or annotation to describe the steps you have taken to complete the brief via deliverables, gather feedback and analyse your findings alongside workplace evidence demonstrating your ability to work on projects.

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End Point Assessment (EPA) Project activity