Deploy a Message Queuing Solution With Google Cloud Pub/Sub

Lab Steps

Signing In to Google Cloud Console
Understanding the Core Concepts of Cloud Pub/Sub
Creating the Pub/Sub Topic
Creating the Pub/Sub Subscription
Publishing Messages to a Pub/Sub Topic
Import Messages From a Cloud Storage Text File

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Time Limit45m
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Google Cloud Pub/Sub is a scalable, durable event ingestion and message delivery system that allows you to create an infrastructure whose responsibility is to handle message queues. Pub/Sub delivers low-latency, durable messaging by using two core components: topics and subscriptions. You can create a topic where messages will be sent to, and subscriptions attached to the topics. All messages sent to a specific topic will be delivered to all the subscriptions attached. All the components that get messages from a subscription are called subscribers. For more detailed info about what is Cloud Pub/Sub, you can refer to the official GCP guide.

In this lab, you will understand the core components of a Pub/Sub system, you will create a topic and attach a subscription to it, you will send a message to the topic, and you will create a batch job using Cloud Dataflow to import messages to your topic from a text file stored in a Cloud Storage bucket.

Learning Objectives 

Upon completion of this lab you will be able to:

  • Understand what topics and subscriptions are in Pub/Sub
  • Define a topic
  • Create a subscription and attach it to a topic
  • Run a Cloud Dataflow job to import messages from a Cloud Storage bucket.

Intended Audience

This lab is intended for:

  • Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE) certification candidates
  • Solutions architects who want to define and deploy a message delivery system
  • Individuals who want to understand how a message delivery system works


This lab has no prerequisites.

Environment before
Environment after

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