hands-on labExposing Applications Using Kubernetes Ingress Rules
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Lab steps
Connecting to the Kubernetes Cluster
Creating Ingress Rules
Lab description

Kubernetes allows you to expose HTTP applications using a resource called Ingress. Ingress resources are configurable and support rule based routing on hostname and HTTP URL path. An Ingress can also provide load balancing and SSL termination.

Learning how to create and configure Ingress resources will make you more effective at deploying complex HTTP based applications in a Kubernetes cluster.

This lab is valuable to anyone working with Kubernetes, but the content has been prepared considering topics described in the Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) Exam Curriculum. Completion of the lab will help you get hands-on experience, which is essential for passing the CKAD exam.

Learning Objectives

  • Deploy a simple application in Kubernetes cluster
  • Create a HTTP path based Ingress resource
  • Create a name based Ingress resource

Intended Audience

  • Kubernetes admins and operators
  • Application developers and DevOps engineers deploying applications in containers and using or considering Kubernetes
  • This Lab is recommended for Certified Kubernetes Application Developer (CKAD) examinees


  • Knowledge of Kubernetes Pod Design (Pods, Deployments, Services, Jobs)
  • Experience with kubectl

You can complete the Kubernetes Pod Design for Application Developers lab series to satisfy the prerequisites.


September 6th, 2022 - Updated to run Kubernetes 1.24

Environment before
environment before preview
Environment after
environment after preview
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He holds multiple AWS certifications including Solutions Architect Associate and Professional.

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