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Lab steps
Logging in to the Microsoft Azure Portal
Ensuring the Lab Setup Has Completed
Enabling WAF on an Application Gateway
Creating a WAF Policy
Lab description

Security is of the utmost importance more than ever. Azure Web Application Firewall on Azure Application Gateway provides additional security protection for Application Gateways. Web applications are increasingly targeted by malicious attacks year over year, using WAF with Application Gateway can help Cloud engineers and developers protect their environments.

In this lab, you will explore enabling WAF on Application Gateway and creating a policy.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this Lab you will be able to:

  • Enable WAF on an Application Gateway and enable monitoring
  • Create a WAF policy and enforce it on multiple Application Gateways or Sites
  • Create Custom Rules to mitigate security risks

Intended Audience

This lab is intended for:

  • Those studying for the AZ-700: Designing and Implementing Microsoft Azure Networking Solutions certification
  • Anyone interested in Azure networking or security


You should possess:

  • Basic understanding of Azure fundamentals
  • Understanding of Firewalls and Application Gateways

The following content is sufficient to fulfill these prerequisites:


February 22nd, 2023 - Resolved WAF policy creation issue

November 4th, 2022 - Updated the instructions and screenshots to reflect the latest UI

Environment before
environment before preview
Environment after
environment after preview
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