Linux Command Line Byte Session

Lab Steps

Logging in to the Microsoft Azure Portal
Starting an Azure Cloud Shell
Understanding the Command-Line Basics
Getting Help at the Command Line
Working with Files
Working with Directories
Using Shell Variables
Learning Other Command Patterns Frequently Used in Labs

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Time Limit2h


Lab Overview

Linux is the dominant operating system in the cloud. Even Microsoft, whose well-known for its Windows operating system, reports that Linux is running on the majority of Azure implementations - and that share is only growing. When you work with Linux in the cloud, you are most likely going to be using a text-based terminal also known as the command line. It takes some getting used to an environment that does not rely on pointing, clicking, and dragging with a mouse. This Lab is here to help get used to the command line.

This Lab is for anyone that is getting started with Linux at the command line or looking to review the basics of working at the command line in Linux. Each step of this Lab has some additional challenges for you to complete if you want to further your knowledge. The challenges are completely optional.

There is a course that corresponds to this Lab. You are encouraged to complete the course while you perform this Lab to get the most benefit.

Lab Objectives

Upon completion of this Lab, you will be able to:

  • Understand what the Linux command line is
  • Know how to issue commands at the command line
  • Use common commands for working with files and directories
  • Gain hands-on experience working at the command line

Lab Prerequisites

You should be familiar with:

  • The fact that Linux is a free and open-source operating system that is an alternative to Windows and Mac operating systems
Environment before
Environment after
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