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Load Balancing (Global Load Balancer)

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Lab description


Using a Load Balancer, you can spread the load of your service across multiple virtual machines. However, this does not protect from a regional failure. In this Lab step, you will set up a Global Load Balancer in a different region from other Load Balancers to see that if one region fails, the other region can take over. 


In this Lab exercise, you will:

Start with two pre-existing virtual networks with a single virtual machine in each one., (these virtual machines are both linked to Load Balancers in their own Region). Then, you will complete the following tasks.

  • Create a Load Balancer rule for each of the two existing Load Balancers 
  • Test the Load balancers to make sure you can connect to the web servers 
  • Implement a Global Load Balancer connecting to the two existing Load Balancers 
  • Test the failover from one region to another


May 23rd, 2023 - Updated screenshots and instructions to reflect latest UI

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Covered topics
Lab steps
Logging in to the Microsoft Azure Portal
Create load balancing rules for the existing load balancers
Test the load balancers
Create Global Load Balancer