Practical Data Science: Introduction to Python

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Lab Steps

Opening the Jupyter Notebook

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Time Limit2h


Python knowledge builds a solid foundation for data scientists to build upon. This lab provides you with a Jupyter notebook that introduces you to basic concepts in Python. By using a Jupyter notebook you are able to read about the concepts and run Python code within the same document. The notebook also includes exercises for you to practice applying the concepts that you study on your own. Completion of this lab will give you the ability to read and write basic Python code.

Lab Objectives

Upon completion of this Lab you will be able to:

  • Work with Jupyter notebooks
  • Learn helpful built-in functions in Python
  • Understand types in Python
  • Practice with Python operations and variables
  • Comprehend Python objects and classes
  • Write your own modules and functions in Python

Intended Audience

This lab is intended for:

  • Budding data scientists
  • Anyone needing to get a quick introduction to key concepts in Python
  • Participants in Practical Data Science learning paths can also use the lab's notebook for following along with courses and experimenting with Python


There are no prerequisites for this lab

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