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Using Cloud Firestore in Datastore Mode as a NoSQL Database

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When you need to build a web application, or you need to work with data as documents or entities, you should consider using the NoSQL model to store and work with your data. Google Cloud offers different solutions to work with NoSQL data. One of these is Cloud Firestore in Datastore mode.

Cloud Firestore in Datastore mode is a NoSQL document-based database mainly focussed on scalability, high availability, and ease of use. It allows customers to use it by using both the Google Cloud Console and a wide range of APIs for the most common programming languages.

Cloud Firestore allows you to organize and handle data as they are entities into collections. An item into Firestore is an entity, and this is put into a kind (it acts as the collection). For each entity you generate, you need to specify a key that needs to be unique inside that kind, and a set of properties that define the entity.

In this lab, you will start working with Cloud Firestore in Datastore mode by understanding the core components, and by creating entities under a kind with properties.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this lab, you will be able to:

  • Understand the core components of Firestore in Datastore mode
  • Work with main Firestore in Datastore mode components

Intended Audience

  • Google Cloud Professional Data Engineer (PDE) candidates
  • Data engineers that want to move to an efficient document-based data solution
  • Developers that are curious about the NoSQL data model


No prerequisites are required to complete this lab.

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Environment after

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Covered topics

Lab steps

Signing In to the Google Cloud Console
Understanding Core Components of Firestore in Datastore Mode
Creating a New Firestore Database
Creating a Firestore Entity