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Yahoo Finance API Data Visualization Playground

Up to 4h
Free playExplore without specific objectives or guided instruction.
Real-world experiencePractice in a live, pre-configured sandbox environment.


A lot of data scientists love to retrieve, manipulate and then visualize market data. They use them to practice, and also to make predictions or to train financial machine learning models. To do that, they need a complete and excellent set of data. Because of that, Yahoo offers the Yahoo Finance API. It allows you to retrieve market data for most of the publicly traded companies in the world such as Amazon, Microsoft, Tesla, and Apple. You can leverage it by using the yfinance library, and then the plotly library to visualize the data in any way you fit.

The playground is a safe and secure sandbox environment for you to explore your own ideas, follow along with Cloud Academy courses, or answer your own questions all without the need to install any software on your local machine. The extended duration of this playground provides you with ample time to play to your heart's content. The goal is to be able to experiment and learn with little start time or overhead. Feel free to experiment with leveraging the Yahoo Finance API and the plotly library to retrieve any market data you want, manipulate it, and then plot it. You will have access to the Jupyter Notebook where you can perform all the operations from.

Intended Audience

This lab is intended for:

  • Data scientists that are mainly focused on the financial field
  • Python developers who are interested in retrieving and visualizing financial data


To get the most from this lab, you should be familiar with basic finance concepts. To get ready for it, you can complete the following labs:

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Yahoo Finance API Data Visualization Playground