3 Pillars of the Azure Cloud


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There are some workloads that are well suited for the flexibility that virtual machines provide. Virtual machines enable you to choose the operating system, tools, languages, and configuration management tools. If you’re going to use virtual machines, then you’re going to also be using Azure Storage, because VMs rely on it for disk storage. Azure Storage doesn’t stop at disk storage, it also provides NoSQL, Blob, File and Queue options.

Once you have some virtual machines, inevitably you’ll need to handle the network access and load balancing. Azure provides options of creating virtual networks and subnets. It also has support for VPN access allowing for hybrid cloud solutions. There are options for load balancing, web application firewalls, advanced traffic routing and more.

Compute, Networking and Storage, are the pillars of cloud computing platforms, and Azure is no different. Azure’s infrastructure as a service utilizes these three pillars, and the platform as a service offerings are built on top. Understanding these pillars will help you to truly understand not just the IaaS capabilities of Azure, but also the PaaS capabilities.

Whether you’re a developer, IT pro or solutions architect, understanding these three pillars is going to help you build and deploy applications. So, if you’re new to Azure, or looking to get a better understanding of the pillars that the higher level abstractions are built on, then click on the first course to get started!


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Azure is Microsoft’s Cloud Computing platform. It is an amalgamation of services for creating, deploying and managing applications that run in Microsoft’s secure worldwide data centers. The set of services can make virtually any software solution possible, from large retail targeting a global audience to CPU-intensive, scientific data calculations, to simple data backups. Almost any software that ...


Introduction to Azure Virtual Networking (ARM) Cloud based virtual networks are software based, and they provide a standard way to organize and isolate Virtual Machines running in the cloud. A virtual network controls addressing, DNS settings, security policies, and routing tables. Virtual Networks which are commonly referred to as “v-nets”, are isolated from one another. Due to the isolation you ...


Azure Resource Manager Virtual Machines Virtual Machines are a very foundational and fundamental resource in Cloud Computing. Deploying virtual machines gives you more flexibility and control over your cloud infrastructure and services, however, it also means you have more responsibility to maintain and configure these resources. This course gives you an overview of why use virtual machines as ...


Lab Overview Microsoft Azure is comprised of compute infrastructure and cloud services that Information Technology (IT) professionals and developers use to build, deploy and manage their applications. This is a beginner level Lab that focuses on the Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)component of Azure. The legacy model of IT includes purchasing, shipping, receiving, configuring, and booting up ...


The Azure Storage suite of services form the core foundation of much of the rest of the Azure services ecosystem. Blobs are low-level data primitives that can store any data type and size. Tables provide inexpensive, scalable NoSQL storage of key/value data pairs. Azure queues provide a messaging substrate to asynchronously and reliably connect distinct elements of a distributed system. Azure ...


OverviewThis exam will test the Azure service fundamentals discussed in the Three Pillars of the Azure Cloud learning path. You have 30 minutes to complete 20 multiple-choice questions.You must score 70 percent or higher to pass this exam.Questions will focus on the following topics:ARM Virtual MachinesAzure StorageAzure Virtual NetworksOnce you begin your exam session:You can spend as long as ...
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3 Pillars of the Azure Cloud
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