AI-102 Exam Preparation: Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution (Preview)

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This learning path is still in development and requires additional content to cover all of the points assessed in the exam. We are busy working on new content to fill the gaps. Until then, the courses and labs currently available in this Learning Path will allow you to get started in preparing for this certification.


This learning path is designed to help you prepare for the AI-102 Designing and Implementing a Microsoft Azure AI Solution exam. Even if you don't plan to take the exam, these courses and hands-on labs will help you get started on your way to becoming an Azure AI engineer.

This exam is part of Microsoft’s role-based certification program. Candidates who pass the AI-102 exam will earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Engineer Associate certification.

The AI-102 exam tests your knowledge of five subject areas: planning and managing an Azure Cognitive Services solution, implementing Computer Vision solutions, implementing natural language processing solutions, implementing knowledge mining solutions, and implementing conversational AI solutions.

Learning Objectives

  • Plan and manage an Azure Cognitive Services solution
  • Implement Computer Vision solutions
  • Implement natural language processing solutions
  • Implement knowledge mining solutions
  • Implement conversational AI solutions

Intended Audience

  • Software developers who want to build artificial intelligence solutions on Azure
  • People preparing for Microsoft’s AI-102 exam


  • General knowledge of IT architecture
  • Software development experience, especially using REST APIs


Your certificate for this learning path

Training Content

Course - Beginner - 50m
Overview of Azure Services
This course gives an overview of the services available on Azure and shows how to create virtual machines and web apps using the Azure CLI and Azure Portal.
Exam - 30m
Knowledge Check: Overview of Azure Services
Knowledge Check: Overview of Azure Services
Course - Intermediate - 54m
Designing Solutions Using Azure Cognitive Services
This course covers what Azure Cognitive Services are and how to use the various solutions they provide, including Vision, Speech, Language, Decision, and Web Search.
Hands-on Lab - Beginner - 1h
Using Text Analytics in the Azure Cognitive Services API
Use the Cognitive Services API in the Azure AI suite to perform text analytics operations by requesting the API services via an Azure Function App.
Course - Intermediate - 49m
Implementing Image Classification by Using the Azure Custom Vision Service
Learn about the Azure Custom Vision service and how it can help you create and customize vision recognition solutions.
Exam - 25m
Knowledge Check: Implementing Image Classification by Using the Azure Custom Vision Service
Knowledge Check: Implementing Image Classification by Using the Azure Custom Vision Service
Course - Intermediate - 23m
Building a Chatbot on Azure
This course will show you how to automate basic support tasks by using chatbots to answer typical questions about products and/or services.
Hands-on Lab - Beginner - 1h
Creating and Deploying a Bot to Azure Bot Service
Develop an Azure bot locally and then use the Azure CLI and Azure Portal to deploy it to Azure.
Hands-on Lab - Beginner - 1h 30m
Integrating Azure Bots with Azure Cognitive Services
Learn to deploy powerful bots in Azure by integrating Azure Bot Services with Azure Cognitive Services API to create and serve intelligent bots.
Course - Intermediate - 48m
Adding Language Understanding to Chatbots With LUIS
This course covers how to create new LUIS models, how to enrich them with intents, entities, and utterances, and how to train and apply apps.
Exam - 25m
Knowledge Check: Adding Language Understanding to Chatbots with LUIS
Knowledge Check: Adding Language Understanding to Chatbots with LUIS
Course - Intermediate - 1h
Implementing an Azure Cognitive Search Solution
This course focuses on the skills necessary to implement a knowledge-mining solution with a focus on the Cognitive Search solution.
Course - Intermediate - 38m
Managing Indexing in Azure Cognitive Search
This course will focus on the skills required to manage and maintain the indexing process for an Azure Cognitive Search solution.
Course - Beginner - 1h 10m
Designing Data Flows in Azure
In this course, you'll learn the basic principles of designing data flows using the Azure platform.
Hands-on Lab Challenge - Intermediate - 1h 30m
Azure Bot Services Challenge
Prove your practical knowledge of bots and your proficiency with the Microsoft Azure portal and CLI by creating a bot and publishing to Azure Bot Service
Resource - Beginner - 6h 45m
Required Reading for AI-102
Exam - 45m
Preview Exam: Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution (AI-102)
Preview Exam: Designing and Implementing an Azure AI Solution (AI-102)
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