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Applying AGILE Techniques to Build a DevOps Practice
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This practical learning path provides an ideal baseline for product teams wanting to implement AGILE principles and practices in DevOps workflow. We start out explaining the working concepts of AGILE, and then discuss how AGILE techniques can be applied to manage AGILE led projects.

Learning Path Outline

This learning path includes the following steps:

  • The Basics of AGILE
  • Working AGILE
  • AGILE for Software Projects
  • Useful Agile Tools
  • Jira Essentials for Agile Teams
  • Exam: Applying AGILE Techniques to Build a DevOps Practice
  • Reading Resource: A Brief History of Agile and Lean


To get the most from this practical learning path, it will help to have some knowledge of AGILE theory. We recommend completing the Agile Fundamentals learning path first if you are new to AGILE.


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