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Applying AGILE Techniques to Build a DevOps Practice

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This practical Learning Path provides an ideal baseline for product teams wanting to implement AGILE principles and practices in DevOps workflow.
We start out explaining the working concepts of AGILE. We then put into practice how AGILE techniques can be applied to workloads deployed on RedHat and OpenShift. 

Learning Path Outline:
This learning path includes the following steps:

  • The Basics of AGILE
  • Working AGILE
  • AGILE for Software Projects
  • Useful Agile Tools
  • Red Hat Agile Integration Technical Overview
  • Exam: Applying AGILE Techniques to Build a DevOps Practice
  • Reading Resource: A Brief History of Agile and Lean

To get the most from this practical Learning Path it will help to have some knowledge of AGILE theory. We recommend completing the Introduction to AGILE Learning Path first if you are new to AGILE.

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Learning Path Steps

1 courses

This course introduces the basics of agile, including the agile mindset, values, and principles.

2 courses

This course takes a look at how you can work in an agile way.

3 courses

We introduce you to the key concepts, roles, and techniques of the AGILE methodology

4 courses

This module looks at some other concepts that exist in agile and scrum, including Value, Kanban, estimation, and others

5 courses

In this course, you will learn about Red Hat's technical platforms for integration and messaging purposes.

6 exam-filled

Exam: Applying AGILE Techniques to Build a DevOps Practice

7 description

A brief history of Agile and Lean.

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