AZ-400 Exam Prep: Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions

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This Learning Path is designed to help you and your team prepare for the AZ-400 Microsoft Azure DevOps Solutions exam. Even if you don't plan to take the exam, these courses and hands-on labs will help you get started on your way to becoming an Azure DevOps specialist. 

The AZ-400 exam is part of Microsoft’s new role-based certification program. Candidates who already possess either the Microsoft Certified: Azure Administrator Associate certification or the Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate certification will earn the Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer Expert certification by passing the AZ-400 exam. 

The AZ-400 exam tests your knowledge of seven key subject areas, and that’s how we’ve structured this Learning Path as well. We’ll start with the skills needed for designing a DevOps strategy. Next, we’ll get into implementing DevOps development processes. We'll also get into continuous integration and continuous delivery. As you move through the learning path, you'll learn about dependency management, application infrastructure, and implementing continuous feedback.

Learning Objectives 

  • Design a DevOps strategy 
  • Implement DevOps development processes 
  • Implement continuous integration 
  • Implement continuous delivery
  • Implement dependency management 
  • Implement application infrastructure 
  • Implement continuous feedback 

Intended Audience

  • IT professionals who want to become Azure DevOps Engineer Expert 
  • IT professionals preparing for Microsoft’s AZ-400 exam 


General knowledge of DevOps concepts.


We welcome all feedback and suggestions - please contact us at if you are unsure about where to start or if you would like help with any of our content.  


Your certificate for this learning path

Learning Path Steps


This introduction to the learning path gives an overview of the requirements for the Microsoft AZ-400 exam and how they will be covered.


This course provides the foundational knowledge that is required to effectively design and implement an Agile work management approach in Azure DevOps.


This course covers topics to help you learn how to design a quality strategy in Azure DevOps.


This course explores how to implement version control on Azure repos.


This course focuses on implementing and managing your build infrastructure in Azure.


Learn about Azure Key Vault to store keys/secrets used for encrypting an Azure Virtual Machine in a hands-on Lab environment


This course dives into creating a DevOps Strategy for mobile applications using the Visual Studio App Center.


This course looks at how to protect sensitive information while an app is being developed and when it is in production in Azure.


This course is designed to give you a solid understanding of containers and how they are used in Azure DevOps.


This course provides you with the foundational knowledge required to design an infrastructure and configuration management strategy.


This course focuses on the most important parts of Azure Pipelines in implementing an end-to-end continuous integration strategy.


This course deals with how to implement continuous delivery with the Azure DevOps solution.


This course explores how to manage code quality and security policies with Azure DevOps, and will help those preparing for Microsoft's AZ-400 exam.


Deploy an app to Azure App Service Web Apps in this Lab and use a variety of services to monitor the app and send alerts when certain conditions are met.


This course explains how to implement dependency management with Azure DevOps.


This course introduces you to Azure Resource Manager (ARM) and how to use it for processing templates that specify resource deployments.


This course explores the compliance and cloud security features of Microsoft Azure.


Demonstrate the three capabilities of Azure Defender (AD): data discovery & classification, vulnerability assessment, and advanced threat protection to see how AD provides security as a service for your Azure SQL Databases.


Using PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) on Windows, configure a DSC pull server and a DSC target node to pull its configuration from the pull server


This course looks at how to implement continuous feedback with Azure DevOps.


This course explains what Azure AD Privileged Identity Management is and what it offers and works through the deployment of PIM and how it works with multi-factor authentication.


Azure DevOps is a suite of services that collaborate on software development following DevOps principles.


This course provides a list of resources for some additional topics you should make sure you understand before taking the AZ-400 exam.


Preview Exam: Microsoft DevOps Solutions (AZ-400)

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