Becoming a Microsoft Sentinel Expert

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This learning path takes you through the basics to an expert level with the Microsoft Sentinel SIEM tool to advance in Security operations in Azure Cloud.

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Learning Objectives

  • Understand the Microsoft Sentinel offering and capabilities
  • Use Data Connectors in the Sentinel workspace
  • Create and Use Analytics Rule to investigate threats
  • Create Playbooks to automate threat response
  • Use the Threat Hunting dashboard to proactively hunt for threats

Intended Audience

  • Anyone who wants to become an Azure Security Engineer


  • An understanding of general IT concepts, especially networking and programming
  • An understanding of basic Azure services such as log analytics, storage, and compute


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Training Content

Course - Beginner - 2m
Learning Path Introduction - Becoming a Microsoft Sentinel Expert
This course introduces the Becoming a Microsoft Sentinel Expert learning path which covers the a range of aspects of the Microsoft Sentinel service.
Hands-on Lab - Beginner - 1h
Introduction to Microsoft Sentinel
Learn how to use Microsoft Sentinel security tools to collect, investigate and hunt threats using this hands-on lab.
Hands-on Lab - Intermediate - 1h 30m
Investigating Security Events using Microsoft Sentinel
Learn how to investigate security attacks on a Windows virtual machine using Microsoft Sentinel Analytics Rule in this hands-on lab.
Hands-on Lab - Advanced - 1h 30m
Automating Threat Response using Sentinel Playbooks
Learn how to automate Threat Response based on Incident trigger using Sentinel Playbooks in this hands-on lab.
Hands-on Lab - Intermediate - 1h
Advanced Threat Hunting in Microsoft Sentinel
Learn how to hunt for potential threats and generate incidents from bookmarks in your Azure Environments using Microsoft Sentinel in this hands-on lab.
Hands-on Lab Challenge - Intermediate - 1h 30m
Azure Sentinel Incident Triage Challenge
Put your Azure Sentinel skills to the test as you triage incidents in this hands-on lab challenge.
About the Author
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Parveen is an Azure advocate with previous experience in the professional consulting services industries. He specializes in infrastructure and DevOps with a wide range of knowledge in security and access management. He is also an Azure Certified - DevOps Engineer Expert, Security Engineer, Developer Associate, Administrator Associate, CompTIA Certified - Network+, Security+, and AWS Cloud Practitioner.
Parveen enjoys writing about cloud technologies and sharing the knowledge with the community to help students upskill in the cloud.