Benefits of Cloud Technology for Business: Getting Started With Migration

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This learning path has been designed to help you understand the benefits of cloud technology and if a strategic decision to move to the cloud is the right choice for your business or organization. It also provides the logical steps for doing so and various points to consider when planning to migrate to the cloud.

You'll learn what cloud computing is and gain the necessary insights to ascertain if this technology would provide positive benefits to your organization. As you move through the learning path, you'll also explore different deployment and service models, along with key cloud concepts and some use cases for cloud technology.

Cloud migration is a huge step for any business and so the main goal of this learning path is to provide you the key information required to be able to answer the question, 'Should my business move to the cloud?'

Cloud migration is not purely a technical challenge, it can also impact the way the whole business works and so we also focus on how cloud adoption can affect internal operations across an organization. This aspect is sometimes overlooked and the full impact is not truly understood from a business point of view. We look at how the business dynamics are affected and how changes affect your employees. There are also important contractual business obligations that need to be addressed, along with any cloud migration risks.

Finally, we provide a number of considerations you must take into account prior to performing your live cloud migration. These points will form a good foundation when putting together your cloud migration strategy plan, which should involve time management, security, vendor selection, service readiness, and new designs, to name just a few!

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Learning Objectives

  • Get a clear understanding of what cloud computing is, its benefits, and key concepts
  • Understand the benefits and constraints of migrating to the cloud
  • Learn which stakeholders would be impacted by a move to the cloud
  • Learn how a migration to the cloud can affect teams and processes within an organization
  • Get a comprehensive understanding of how to create a cloud migration strategy

Intended Audience

This learning path is perfect for IT professionals or management staff who are considering migrating their IT infrastructure to the cloud.


To get the most out of this learning path, you should have a basic understanding of cloud computing and its core concepts, as well as a high-level understanding of how business organizations function at an operational level.


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Training Content

Course - Beginner - 34m
What Is Cloud Computing?
This Course provides an introduction to Cloud Computing and its key concepts, deployment models, and service models.
Exam - 35m
Knowledge Check: What is Cloud Computing?
Knowledge Check: What is Cloud Computing?
Course - Beginner - 47m
Should Your Business Move to the Cloud?
This Course will help you determine if the cloud is a good fit for your business by looking at the benefits, constraints and use cases of cloud computing.
Exam - 25m
Knowledge Check: Should Your Business Move to the Cloud?
Knowledge Check: Should Your Business Move to the Cloud?
Course - Beginner - 46m
Internal Business Effects of the Cloud
This course looks at the different areas of your organization and helps give you visibility on how a cloud migration will affect it from a business perspective.
Exam - 20m
Knowledge Check: Internal Business Effects in the Cloud
Knowledge Check: Internal Business Effects in the Cloud
Course - Beginner - 1h
Cloud Migration Strategy Considerations
This course has been designed to highlight the benefits and considerations related to cloud migration processes.
Exam - 15m
Knowledge Check: Cloud Migration Strategy Considerations
Knowledge Check: Cloud Migration Strategy Considerations
Resource - Not defined - 10m
Choosing a Cloud Migration Strategy - Infographic
Infographic created by Colm Stafford - Managing Director of ERS IT Solutions Ltd.
Exam - 35m
Final Exam: Benefits of Cloud Technology - Getting Started with Migration
Final Exam: Benefits of Cloud Technology - Getting Started with Migration
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