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Microsoft Azure provides robust services for analyzing big data. Azure Data Lake Analytics (ADLA) lets you analyze both structured and unstructured data Azure Data Lake Store (ADLS) using a language called U-SQL that brings together the benefits of SQL and C#. Although it’s possible to run Hadoop MapReduce-based analytics jobs on ADL Store, U-SQL is much easier to use.

Azure Stream Analytics (ASA) is Microsoft’s service for real-time data analytics. Some examples include stock trading ...

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Course Description Azure Data Lake Store (ADLS) is a cloud-based repository for both structured and unstructured data. For example, you could use it to store everything from documents to images to social media streams. ADLS is designed for big data analyt...

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Lab Overview Big data and analytics in Azure can help you gain insights into your data and deliver better experiences. This Lab demonstrates using two of Azure's big data services: Azure Data Lake Store for storing massive amounts of structured, semi-st...

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Course Description Azure Stream Analytics (ASA) is Microsoft’s service for real-time data analytics. Some examples include stock trading analysis, fraud detection, embedded sensor analysis, and web clickstream analytics. Although these tasks could be perfo...

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Lab Overview Azure Stream Analytics is a fully-managed service for analyzing real-time streaming data. A common use case for Stream Analytics is analyzing Internet of Things (IoT) device data. Stream Analytics accepts streaming input data sources from a va...

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Exam: Big Data Analytics on Azure

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