Building and Deploying Microservices using the Serverless Framework

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This learning path gives you the practical experience you need to start building and deploying microservices using the serverless framework. This learning path is made up entirely of our hands-on labs, lab playgrounds, and lab challenges so that you can learn-by-doing and get the opportunity to build your own serverless infrastructure.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the basic components and principles of the Serverless Framework
  • Use the Serverless Framework CLI to perform simple commands
  • Build and deploy microservices, serverless functions, and resources through the Serverless Framework
  • Define and deploy cloud resources directly using the Serverless Framework
  • Realize an asynchronous communication between different functions following the fan out pattern
  • Build a serverless microservice with private parts
  • Define a custom authorizer function that will authenticate all the requests made to private parts

Intended Audience

  • Software engineers focused on serverless development and microservices
  • Cloud architects that want to build and maintain a serverless cloud infrastructure


To get the most from this lab, you should have basic knowledge of Python and Serverless. If you want to brush up on your serverless knowledge, please consider taking the following learning path first:


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Learning Path Steps


In this lab, you will understand the core components of the Serverless framework, and you will use them to deploy a simple microservice with a single function on AWS.


In this lab, you will use the Serverless Framework to build and deploy a CRUD microservice, and a DynamoDB table the microservice will use to store and retrieve data.


In this lab, you will leverage the Serverless Framework to build and deploy an asynchronous microservice following the Fanout pattern. You will use SNS and SQS, and you will deploy the resources with the Serverless Framework.


In this lab, you will use the Serverless Framework to build and deploy a microservice with custom authentication implemented. To do so, you will leverage a Lambda function and API Gateway.


Practice your Serverless Framework skills in a free-rein, bootstrapped environment by creating and managing all the components and parts the Serverless Framework offers.


Demonstrate your Serverless framework skills by performing tasks required to create, start and handle a Serverless application.

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