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Certificate in Information Security Management Principles [CISMP]

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Welcome to Certificate in Information Security Management Principles (CISMP).

You've already met your Subject Matter Expert, Mark Martin, and you're about to see Agent Smith in action. Agent Smith is a character in a Cybercrime case study.

Throughout the course, you will follow him as he infiltrates an organisation, exploits company vulnerabilities, and exposes the weaknesses in the firm’s security. You’ll also hear from our expert Mark, who will explain Smith’s actions and share effective countermeasures to combat these types of attacks.  

The course has been designed to help you learn at your own pace over a two-week period.  

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About the Author

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Cybercrime expert and trainer
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Mark was a Senior Investigating Officer working in Law Enforcement with over 31 years’ experience of working in the various government agencies including the National Crime Agency. He has handled numerous cases involving drug trafficking, money laundering, endangered species, fraud, tackling child abuse online, extortion, hacking, and various other computer crimes. Mark is an advanced mobile and digital Forensics practitioner. Mark has utilized his open-source intelligence skills to locate and identify individuals and criminal organizations online. Mark was one of the founding members of the elite team called the National Hi-Tech Crime Unit, set up in 2001 to tackle online threats.