Azure Services for Security Engineers

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Microsoft made security a key pillar of the Azure platform because they understand that you need to trust the cloud to realize its full benefits, which is why Azure boasts the most compliance certifications of any cloud provider. But security in the cloud is a shared responsibility. Azure provides services that you can leverage to secure your cloud resources and applications. To uphold your end of the shared responsibility, you need to know:
  • The security services that are available, and ...
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About This Course Security is a critical concern for anyone who uses the cloud. Microsoft takes this seriously and built and operates the Azure Platform with security as a key principle. Microsoft secures data centers, and management applications; and prov...

2 labs

Take advantage of automatic security audits and recommendations to secure your cloud with Azure Security Center in this Lab.

3 quizzes

Quiz: Azure Security Services

4 courses

During this course, we will explore the primary components that are offered by Microsoft Azure Virtual Network under Microsoft Azure Resource Manager (ARM). This is sometimes known as IaaSv2. For the sake of clarity, this course does not cover IaaSv1, which...

5 labs

Learn about Azure Key Vault to store keys/secrets used for encrypting an Azure Virtual Machine in a hands-on Lab environment

6 quizzes

Quiz: Introduction to Azure Virtual Networking

7 courses

Azure Active Directory Security Azure Active Directory, commonly referred to as Azure AD, is Microsoft’s Identity and Access Management service in the Cloud. It manages users, groups, and applications along with their access to other applications and resou...

8 labs

Learn Role Based access control for the Microsoft Azure Cloud

9 quizzes

Quiz: Azure Active Directory Security

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Azure Services for Security Engineers


Oct 24 2018

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Chris has over 15 years of experience working with top IT Enterprise businesses.  Having worked at Google helping to launch Gmail, YouTube, Maps and more and most recently at Microsoft working directly with Microsoft Azure for both Commercial and Public Sectors, Chris brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the team in architecting complex solutions and advanced troubleshooting techniques.  He holds several Microsoft Certifications including Azure Certifications.

In his spare time, Chris enjoys movies, gaming, outdoor activities, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.