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Docker has taken the container world by storm, broadly popularizing the use of containers. It's not hard to see why it became popular when you consider the impressive list of benefits you can attain by using Docker including:

  • Ship application updates faster
  • Reduce errors by using a consistent environment wherever applications are deployed
  • Significant cost reductions by reducing maintenance and improving resource utilization
  • Secure by default

This learning path is designed to teach you all about Docker starting from the humble individual container and progressing to the continuous deployment of an application in AWS. In the first course, the fundamentals of using Docker containers are taught. You'll reinforce your learning in the first Lab on Docker basics. In the second course, you learn how to manage multi-container applications using Docker Compose. In the final course, you see how to deploy container applications to a cluster by running Docker in swarm mode. You round out what you've learned by performing blue-green deployments of an application using Docker containers in Amazon's EC2 Container Service.

After completing this learning path you will have the skills needed to start using Docker to improve your development and operational efficiency.


Ben Lambert:

  • Introduction to Docker

Logan Rakai:

  • Managing Applications with Docker Compose
  • Container Orchestration With Docker Swarm Mode
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Welcome to Introduction to Docker! In this course you'll learn the foundations of using Docker. You'll learn about images and containers, port mapping, Docker networks, volumes, tagging, and more. By the end of the course you should be comfortable with the basic functionality of Docker. Containers have existed in some form for a while now. However, it was Docker that brought them into the ...


Lab Overview Docker has taken DevOps by storm and ignited interest in containers. Containers offer many of the benefits of virtual machines but in a much more efficient, less resource-intensive system. Containers allow you to package up an application in an isolated environment that can be executed across machines in a reproducible manner. No more "well, it worked on my machine" syndrome when you ...


Managing Applications with Docker Compose Docker Compose is an open-source tool for managing multi-container applications with Docker. With Docker Compose, you can describe environments using a declarative syntax and Compose will do all of the heavy-lifting to create the environment. Compose also has built-in logic to make updating environments easy and efficient. It's not only useful for ...


Container Orchestration With Docker Swarm Mode Docker has made great strides in advancing development and operational agility, portability, and cost savings by leveraging containers. You can see a lot of benefits even when you use a single Docker host. But when container applications reach a certain level of complexity or scale, you need to make use of several machines. Container orchestration ...


Using Amazon CodeBuild and EC2 Container Service to Perform a Blue-Green Deployment Lab Overview Amazon EC2 Container Registry (ECR) is a fully-managed Docker container registry that helps you store, manage, and deploy Docker container images.  ECR is integrated with Amazon EC2 Container Service (ECS), streamlining your development and deployment operations. You can use Amazon's other services ...


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Docker in Depth
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