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Containers have been helping teams of all sizes to solve issues with consistency, scalability, and security. Using containers such as Docker allow you to separate the application from the underlying infrastructure. Gaining that separation requires some new tools in order to get the most value out of containers, and one of the most popular tools used for container management and orchestration is Kubernetes. 

Kubernetes allows you to deploy and manage containers at scale. It was designed by Google, based ...

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These days you can't bitwise shift left or right without bumping into a container. With containers being such a common way to bundle and deploy applications, that means someone will need to manage all of those containers. Kubernetes is platform created by G...

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Deploy a stateless application in a Kubernetes cluster that you build from the ground up in this Lab

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Deploy a stateful application in a Kubernetes Cluster in this Lab to understand how, why, and when it makes sense to run stateful applications in Kubernetes

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Exam: Introduction to Kubernetes

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