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Configuration management tools enable you to manage your infrastructure deployments through the design, implementation, testing, building, release, and maintenance phases. Finding the right tool for your needs is a major part of ensuring your DevOps run smoothly in the cloud, but it can be hard to get a sense of how each of the available tools differs, and which one would best meet your needs. This learning path gives you an overview of configuration management, and then introduces you to three of the most common tools used today: Ansible, Puppet, and Chef. You'll get insight from experts who have experience with all of them, as well as a chance to test your knowledge and try some of the tools out using our Hands on Labs. Whether you're trying to find the tool that best meet's your organization's needs, or looking to advance your DevOps skills, this is the learning path for you.

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A lot of options exist for configuration management and the different tools have different approaches to solving the same problem. It can be difficult to know where to start. This course is a high-level overview to help explain some of the concepts of configuration management.


Getting Started With Ansible Cloud platforms, on-prem servers, dozens of operating systems, more language and frameworks than you can count, and you have to manage it all! These days even the "simple" application infrastructures have a lot of moving parts. Managing all of this stuff effectively takes some effort, and configuration management tools such as Ansible can help. Ansible is an ...


The goal in this first Lab is to create your first playbook.  This Lab will be the first step in creating what is known as a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, Python -sometimes Perl or PHP) server. We’ll start by laying the framework down.    Do you have questions about this Lab? Contact our cloud experts by sending an email to



Getting Started With Chef If you were working in IT even ten years ago, then unless you were working for a large company, you probably didn’t need to think about how to manage infrastructure in a scalable way. Back then servers were often on-premises, or in some nearby co-location data center; deployments were infrequent and were kind of like a section of chain, with each link made of a different ...


Build your cloud infrastructure with Amazon OpsWorks AWS OpsWorks is an application management tool that lets you codify your architecture as a set of layers, artifacts, and steps. Your application uses AWS resources, so you are already familiar with EC2, RDS, and DynamoDB, but without needing to provision and manage them manually. Chef configuration management handles automation on the ...


Puppet is an IT automation system. If you need to install, configure, and update servers, then Puppet can help you tremendously. Instead of doing all of these tasks manually, you can tell Puppet to configure your servers for you. Not only will Puppet free you from the drudgery of repetitive tasks, but you will also gain major benefits, such as consistency, reliability, speed of deployment, ease ...


OverviewThis exam will test the concepts, services and methods discussed in the Configuration Management Tools learning path. You have 30 minutes to complete 25 multiple-choice questions. You must score 60 percent or higher to pass this exam.Questions will focus on the following topics:AnsibleChefPuppetOnce you begin your exam session:You can spend as long as you wish on any particular question ...
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Configuration Management Tools
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