Container Orchestration with Kubernetes - Level 1

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Beyond the paradigm shift that moved the execution unit for cloud native applications into containers, the industry has also recognized the need for a system that can manage multiple containers effortlessly, and has converged on Kubernetes as the de facto standard. It is important to have a solid grasp on the key concepts of Kubernetes, to understand how it works, how it saves time and cost, and how to deploy an application to a Kubernetes cluster.

The content in this learning path will teach you Container Orchestration with Kubernetes to a level 1 standard. 

Learning Objectives

  • Be able to recognize and explain Kubernetes core concepts
  • Be able to deploy a stateless application


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Training Content

Course - Beginner - 2h 30m
Introduction to Kubernetes
This course will teach you all about Kubernetes, including what it is and how to use it.
Hands-on Lab - Intermediate - 45m
Deploy a Stateless Application in a Kubernetes Cluster
Deploy a stateless application in a Kubernetes cluster running on Linux in this Lab
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Jeremy is a Content Lead Architect and DevOps SME here at Cloud Academy where he specializes in developing DevOps technical training documentation.

He has a strong background in software engineering, and has been coding with various languages, frameworks, and systems for the past 25+ years. In recent times, Jeremy has been focused on DevOps, Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP), Security, Kubernetes, and Machine Learning.

Jeremy holds professional certifications for AWS, Azure, GCP, Terraform, Kubernetes (CKA, CKAD, CKS).