Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Deep Dive

AVG Duration16h


This learning path delves into the world of cryptocurrency, including what cryptocurrency is, its advantages and disadvantages, how to invest in it, and how to keep it safe.

We then move on to the practical part of the learning path which will walk you through the Solidity programming language, smart contract development, development tools such as Mist, Geth, and Ethereum Studio, and developing a game using blockchain.

Learning Objectives

  • The history and economics of cryptocurrency
  • How to secure your portfolio
  • How to invest in cryptocurrency
  • Learn about the alternatives to Bitcoin
  • Tackle hands-on development with solidity
  • Build your own interactive Tic-Tack-Toe game using blockchain!
  • Master core development tools such as Mist, Geth, and Ethereum Studio
  • Plus learn advanced Web3 development, how to de-bug your decentralized application, and loads more

Intended Audience

This course is intended for anyone who wants to learn about cryptocurrencies and/or aspiring blockchain developers


This learning path is designed for people who are new to cryptocurrency & blockchain and therefore no prior experience is necessary. It would, however, be beneficial to have some previous programming experience for the practical courses within the learning path, but it's not essential.


Your certificate for this learning path

Training Content

Course - Beginner - 3m
Learning Path Introduction
This course introduces the Deep Dive into Cryptocurrency and Blockchain learning path and provides an overview of what you can expect to study and why you'd want to learn about this topic.
Course - Beginner - 36m
Cryptocurrency Deep Dive
This course covers the fundamentals of cryptocurrencies, including what they are, their origins, their economic impact, and the future of crypto.
Course - Intermediate - 22m
Introduction to Cryptocurrency Wallets
This course delves into the subject of cryptocurrency wallets and covers what they are, how to choose the right one for you, and how to buy and sell cryptocurrency.
Course - Beginner - 28m
Investing in Cryptocurrencies
This course looks at which investment strategies to consider and which to avoid. We also look at initial coin offerings, tokens, and how to track the cryptocurrency markets.
Course - Intermediate - 36m
Securing Your Cryptocurrencies
This course will help to ensure you have the most secure cryptocurrency setup possible, which is fundamental in ensuring that your cryptocurrency isn't vulnerable to hackers.
Course - Beginner - 48m
AltCoin Deep Dive
The most well-known cryptocurrency is BitCoin, but in this course, we will introduce you to some other alternatives out there in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.
Course - Intermediate - 40m
Blockchain Theory
This course explores the theoretical side of blockchain technology as well as the practical elements.
Course - Intermediate - 3h
Smart Contract Development with Solidity
This course provides a deep dive into the Solidity programming language which is used to implement smart contracts on blockchain platforms.
Course - Intermediate - 2h 36m
Defining the Game Mechanics
In this course, we begin building a game in Solidity, and more specifically, we begin to look at defining the mechanics and the components of the game.
Course - Intermediate - 1h 1m
Understanding the Tools & Ethereum Blockchain
This course covers Ethereum denominations, the ABI array, Ethereum networks, private/public key cryptography, and much more!
Course - Intermediate - 53m
Local Development with Truffle and Web3
This course explores carries on the previous course and looks at local development with Ganache, Truffle, and Web3.
Course - Intermediate - 1h 2m
Automated Testing
In this lecture, we run through testing in Solidity and carry out a variety of tests on the game that we have been creating in previous courses in this learning path.
Course - Intermediate - 2h 21m
The Game in HTML/Javascript
In this course, we look at how we can incorporate HTML and Javascript into the game we began building in previous courses.
Course - Intermediate - 1h 12m
Hosted Blockchain Nodes (MetaMask)
This course explores MetaMask, which allows you to access the Ethereum blockchain, and shows you how to combine components of our game.
About the Author
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Ravinder is an expert instructor in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain, having helped thousands of people learn about the subject. He's also the founder of B21 Block, an online cryptocurrency and blockchain school.