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Customer & Patient Journey Mapping Strategy for Marketing

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Duration: 2 minutes and 21 seconds
Customer & Patient Journey Mapping Strategy for Marketing Introduction
Welcome to this lesson on Customer & Patient Journey Mapping Strategy for Marketing.
Duration: 11 minutes and 36 seconds
Understanding Your Customer
Different customers will have different experiences with your business, depending on their own unique needs and motivations. This means that there’s no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to journey mapping. In this lesson, we’ll explore how segmentation and personas can give you a deeper understanding of customer needs and preference, for more accurate and detailed journey maps. We’ll also take you through the steps involved in building a customer journey map, and how segmentation fits into this process.
Duration: 8 minutes and 38 seconds
Achieving a Single Customer View
Throughout their journey, customers will be interacting with your brand across lots of different touchpoints. Every interaction they have with you is an opportunity to collect data, and all of this data can be harnessed to help you better understand your customers. In this lesson, we’ll explore the benefits of using a customer relationship management system to collect and store data, and discuss the importance of providing a personalized experience for customers. We’ll also touch on the use of attribution modeling to help you identify the most high-value touchpoints in a journey map.
Duration: Up to 5 minutes
Customer & Patient Journey Mapping Strategy for Marketing Post-Assessment
Customer & Patient Journey Mapping Strategy for Marketing Post-Assessment

In this course we look at leveraging journey mapping for both understanding and optimizing customer and patient experiences. We examine segmentation in depth and where to implement customer experience principles. We cover the importance of leveraging data to develop a single customer view and how to interpret that data, revealing the insights that enable you to deliver a personal experience to customers.

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