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Data Analytics Strategy

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Duration: 2 minutes and 17 seconds
Data Analytics Strategy Introduction
Welcome to this course on Data Analytics Strategy.
Duration: 12 minutes and 2 seconds
Building Data Analytics Capabilities
A data strategy is crucial for generating value with data and data analytics.We begin by exploring the different pillars that will help you build an effective data strategy. Then we look at how a data strategy can help you identify key areas to build or scale your data analytics capabilities effectively and some of the common challenges a business may face. We end with a practical example of how a company might go about building its data analytics capabilities in order to remain competitive in the market.
Duration: 5 minutes and 47 seconds
Managing Data Analytics Capabilities
Data often contains sensitive information which must be handled with care. We look at the importance of following good data governance, which lays the foundation for how your data should be collected, stored and handled in a safe and secure way. Finally, we explore the importance of stakeholder buy-in during the analytics process, and include some tips to ensure better engagement from those involved.
Duration: 8 minutes and 38 seconds
The Responsible Use of Data Analytics
While there are certain rules and regulations you must follow when working with data, most companies will go one step further and look at something called data ethics. We look at why it’s important, along with the key considerations that lead to more ethical data analysis including the subject of transparency, bias and fairness. We end with a brief look at artificial intelligence and when it’s appropriate to use it in the analytics process.
Duration: Up to 5 minutes
Data Analytics Strategy Post-Assessment
Data Analytics Strategy Post-Assessment

This course explores common challenges in creating value with data, and the key capabilities required to conduct effective data analytics projects. 

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