DevOps Playbook - Moving to a DevOps Culture

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This CloudAcademy Playbook provides an ideal start point for any team looking to quickly absorb and get started using the fundamental practices of DevOps, AGILE and continuous delivery / continuous integration. Our team has carefully curated this learning path to help you and your team quickly assimilate the fundamental aspects of DevOps, AGILE and CI/CD in a blend of courses, labs and our final preparation exam. Following completion of this learning path, students be prepared to sit the industry recognised DevOps Institute Foundations certification exam. 

Learning Objectives

  • Recognize and explain the core roles and responsibilities of a DevOps practice.
  • Recognize and Recognize and implement the AGILE methodology.
  • Implement and configure CI/CD practices within your own environment. 

Intended Audience

This DevOps Playbook provides an ideal start point for any organization, team or practitioner looking to transform their business by moving to a DevOps culture.


Students will benefit from being able to recognize and explain public cloud platforms before commencing this learning path. 

We recommend completing our Introduction to the Public Cloud Platforms Learning path to gain a basic understanding of cloud platforms before starting this learning path. 


Your certificate for this learning path

Learning Path Steps


This course explains how the DevOps philosophy can provide a holistic way to look at software development, deployment, and operations.


This course introduces the DevOps Playbook - Moving to a DevOps Culture learning path.


We introduce you to the key concepts, roles, and techniques of the AGILE methodology


This course introduces the concepts of Agile, Scrum, and Jira, and the benefits of using them.


This course covers some of the tasks that operations engineers need to address in order to keep a system up-and-running, with little or no downtime.


This course introduces you to continuous delivery, providing a solid foundation for more advanced courses on the subject.


This course explores the various tools, technologies, and vocabularies surrounding the continuous integration ecosystem.


Integrate static code analysis within a three-stage AWS CodePipeline CI/CD pipeline to prevent vulnerabilities from making it into production in this Lab.


Glossary of Terms used during this course


The links, references and reports referred to in the lectures of this course


Reference Card to help prepare for the DevOps Certificate exam .


Final Exam: DevOps Playbook - Moving to a DevOps Culture

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