DevOps Principles and Practices - Level 2

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The same DevOps processes and methodology that benefit cloud native applications, can be applied to cloud infrastructure and operational elements within a cloud solution. The ability to automation configuration, deployment and delivery across applications and infrastructure represents the true convergence of your development and operations engineering teams. Understanding the key processes involved can help both teams work together to improve deployment pipelines.

The content in this learning path will teach you the principles and practices of DevOps to a Level 2.

Learning Objectives

  • Be able to explain and implement the core aspects of DevOps processes and methodology
  • Be able to apply concepts such as Configuration Management, Continuous Delivery/Deployment and IaC


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Training Content

Course - Intermediate - 1h 13m
DevOps Playbook Part 1
This course introduces you to the DevOps Playbook Part 1.
Course - Advanced - 50m
DevOps Playbook Part 2
This course introduces you to the DevOps Playbook Part 2.
Hands-on Lab - Intermediate - 1h
Static Code Analysis Within CI/CD Pipelines
Integrate static code analysis within a three-stage AWS CodePipeline CI/CD pipeline to prevent vulnerabilities from making it into production in this Lab.
Hands-on Lab - Intermediate - 1h 15m
Protect Your Code Against Attacks With Gauntlt
Learn how to use Gauntlt for security testing and protect your code against attacks with Guantlt by embedding it into a continuous integration pipeline.
About the Author
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Jeremy is a Content Lead Architect and DevOps SME here at Cloud Academy where he specializes in developing DevOps technical training documentation.

He has a strong background in software engineering, and has been coding with various languages, frameworks, and systems for the past 25+ years. In recent times, Jeremy has been focused on DevOps, Cloud (AWS, Azure, GCP), Security, Kubernetes, and Machine Learning.

Jeremy holds professional certifications for AWS, Azure, GCP, Terraform, Kubernetes (CKA, CKAD, CKS).