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Duration: 1 minute and 52 seconds
Digital Essentials Introduction
Welcome to this course on Digital Essentials.
Duration: 10 minutes and 14 seconds
The Internet & the Web
We explain what the internet is and how it works, delving into the huge infrastructure that gives us the amazing connectivity that many of us take for granted. We explore how data travels across the internet, how the World Wide Web works and how it differs from the internet. Finally, we touch on the ever-expanding Internet of Things.
Duration: 10 minutes and 9 seconds
How We Use the Internet
We explore some of the ways that consumers use the internet and, in turn, the opportunities the internet offers to businesses. We take a look at search, online advertising, content, email, social media, and eCommerce - highlighting how each has changed how we live our lives and how companies connect with consumers.
Duration: 7 minutes and 19 seconds
Issues & Challenges
The internet has had an unquestionable impact on our lives - but it also comes with its challenges. We take a look at just some of the problems that come with its amazing connectivity, from the issues people experience when they can’t access it, to cybercrime, the dark web, and consumer concerns about data and privacy.
Duration: Up to 10 minutes
Digital Essentials Post-Assessment
Digital Essentials Post-Assessment

This course explores what the internet and the web are, explains how they work and looks at the different ways consumers and businesses use them both.

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