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Digital Media Strategy

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Duration: 2 minutes and 20 seconds
Digital Media Strategy Introduction
Welcome to this course on Digital Media Strategy.
Duration: 6 minutes and 31 seconds
Digital Media Goals & Objectives
We begin by looking at the importance of defining clear goals for your digital media activity and making sure they are aligned with your overall business objectives. We then look at the difference between brand marketing and performance marketing, and how adopting a ‘full funnel’ approach can give your digital media activity a strategic advantage.
Duration: 12 minutes and 40 seconds
Running a Digital Media Campaign
There are many different steps to a digital media campaign, and they must all work together to ensure success. We look at the importance of using a framework to define each step of a campaign from planning through to reporting, so that all stakeholders are aware of how each stage fits together and impacts the next.
Duration: 7 minutes and 53 seconds
Strategic Considerations
It’s not enough to just look at your own brand activity to be truly successful with a digital media strategy. You also need to be aware of the wider changes and challenges in the digital media landscape, and adapt accordingly. We look at some of the external challenges, from the changing relationship between brands and agencies, to the deprecation of third-party cookies and the shift to programmatic or ‘automated’ buying and selling.
Duration: Up to 5 minutes
Digital Media Strategy Post-Assessment
Digital Media Strategy Post-Assessment

A guide to the steps a business must take to develop a clearly-defined digital media strategy which helps a business achieve its goals and meets audiences’ needs.

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