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Express - Level 1

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This course gives an introduction to Express. You will learn how to set up an Express application. You will learn how to create a script file while using Nodemon and Node Watch to restart the application when code changes occur. This path also teaches the basics of Express routing while covering some common request and response object methods.

Learning Objectives

  • Install Express
  • Implement the top-level Express function
  • Define the port variable and explain its purpose
  • Learn about internet ports in general
  • Implement the Express listen method 
  • Modify the package.json file to create a start script
  • Implement a GET route handler
  • Define what is the root entry point of an API
  • Understand the request and response objects
  • Define and implement the res.json() method
  • Implement a POST route handler
  • Implement the express.json() middleware to parse JSON requests
  • Define and implement the res.body method
  • Learn how to use Insomnia to test an API endpoint
  • Implement a wildcard endpoint to handle requests that go to a non-existent endpoint 
  • Install Nodemon as a global package
  • Implement a node script to run a development server using Nodemon
  • Install Nodemon as a development dependency
  • Understand the difference between global and development packages
  • Learn what NPX is
  • Implement a node script to run Nodemon using npx
  • Learn about the experimental Node Watch feature
  • Implement a node script to run node–watch
  • Explain the request object
  • Implement req.body
  • Learn what middleware is
  • Implement the middleware express.json() to parse req.body
  • Implement req.method
  • Implement req.path
  • Explain the response object
  • Implement res.json() 
  • Implement res.status()
  • Implement res.send() 
  • Implement res.redirect()
  • Learn that these methods are chainable
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