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Coding with the Functional Programming Paradigm Using Scala

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This course is designed to give you practical, hands-on experience of the Scala programming language so that you can use it with confidence along with the functional programming paradigm.

You will start by looking at the base components needed when you code with functional programming. You will hands-on recursive functions, classes and hierarchies, and generics for both functions and classes to start coding your first functional scripts.

You will deep dive into immutable data structures, and you will start using higher-order and anonymous functions with Scala. You will then master some advanced Scala concepts useful for functional programming such as for-expressions and pattern matching.

While performing the Course, you will encounter two Scala challenges where you will be able to test your knowledge of Scala.

By the end of this course, you're going to be confident when using Scala for building applications following the functional programming paradigm. As an added bonus, this path also includes a lab playground in which you can have a go at using Scala to do whatever you want and experiment with the service.

Learning Objectives

  • Understanding the basic principles of Scala
  • Get hands-on with the Scala components and entities for the functional programming paradigm
  • Learn advanced concepts to master Scala with the functional programming paradigm

Intended Audience

  • Software engineers who want to start leveraging the functional programming paradigm with Scala
  • Data engineers that need a powerful programming language to handle large datasets


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