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This learning path will show you the tools ands services used by developers to build applications with App Engine.

 We'll start out with an overview of the foundations of the Google Cloud Platform. This will help to provide context around the platform as a whole. And then we'll move on to learning about actually developing apps for App Engine. 

 App Engine is a platform as a service option that should definitely be added to your "development toolbox." App Engine allows us to develop highly scalable, highly available native cloud applications, running in the same data centers used by Google, for their systems. The ease of development, and managment makes it a great choice for any sized application. 

 This learning path will cover these topics:

App Engine Fundamentals

  • Task queues
  • Traffic splitting
  • Application versioning
  • Services
  • Quotas
  • Authentication
  • App Engine Standard Environment
  • App Engine Flexible Environment

App Engine and Cloud Datastore

  • Entities
  • Kinds
  • Entity groups
  • Queries
  • Ancestor queries
  • Indexes

App Engine Application Configuration and Management

  • Scaling
  • Application logging
  • Troubleshooting application errors
  • Memcache


  • August 8, 2019 - Added "Respond to Events with Google Cloud Functions" lab
  • August 1, 2019 - Updated and added new topics to:
    • Google Cloud Platform: Fundamentals
  • Feb 12, 2019 - Added "Working with Google Cloud Storage from the Command Line" lab
  • May 31, 2018 - Added Learning Path Exam


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Learning Path Steps

2 quizzes

Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals Review

3 labs

Use gsutil from inside a Google Cloud Shell to work with Google Cloud Storage including using object versioning and Object Lifecycle Management in this Lab.

5 quizzes

Google Cloud Platform Solution Developer Review

7 exam-filled

Exam: Google Cloud Platform for Developers

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Ben Lambert is a software engineer and was previously the lead author for DevOps and Microsoft Azure training content at Cloud Academy. His courses and learning paths covered Cloud Ecosystem technologies such as DC/OS, configuration management tools, and containers. As a software engineer, Ben’s experience includes building highly available web and mobile apps. When he’s not building software, he’s hiking, camping, or creating video games.