Implementing and Managing Information Protection in Microsoft 365 - Level 2

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Implementing and Managing Information Protection in Microsoft 365 - Level 2


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Course - Intermediate - 12m
Intro to Sensitivity Labels in Microsoft 365
This course introduces you to sensitivity labels in Microsoft 365, and you’ll learn what they are and what functions they perform in protecting your data.
Course - Intermediate - 54m
Managing Data Loss Prevention in Microsoft 365
This course is designed to give you a solid understanding of data loss prevention (DLP) in Microsoft 365.
Course - Intermediate - 11m
Configuring and Using Activity Explorer in Microsoft 365
This course explores the Activity Explorer feature that’s found in the Microsoft 365 Compliance Center.
Course - Intermediate - 25m
Data Governance in Microsoft 365
In this course, we take a look at data governance in Microsoft 365 and what it's used for.
Course - Intermediate - 29m
Communication Compliance in Microsoft 365
This course explores communication compliance in Microsoft 365 and the benefits it can bring to your organization.
Course - Intermediate - 56m
Working With Archived and Deleted Data in Microsoft 365
This course will focus on how to manage archival, deletion, and restoration of content and data within Microsoft 365.
Course - Intermediate - 8m
Records Management and Retention in Microsoft 365
This course explores records management and retention, starting with a quick intro to the service, and then taking a look at how to use retention labels to declare records.
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